Monday, 27 December 2010


Take a bit of cheerfulness,
A pinch of laughter, too,
Next take a cup of thoughtfulness
And stir them through and through. 

Add to this tranquility,
A verse of "Silent Night,"
That ever quiet we may be
When God sends His holy light. 

Gently fold in some tenderness,
A handclasp or smile will do.
Perhaps it could be a fond caress,
Or a rose with a drop of dew. 

Set aside a moment while you go
For spices, herbs, a scent of pine...
For music and fun, a candle's glow,

Now mix and stir and fold again,
Then add some mistletoe,
A bit of faith, and love, and then
Into the oven your cake must go. 

Where warmth and affection will combine
To make this cake come true.
Garnish with happiness, truth so fine,
Enough for you, and you! 

Cut a piece, but save some too
For every day of the year.
Serve with a prayer for peace on earth,
And a heavenly kingdom near.
~ Evy Reis ~

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